The secret behind EVERGOOD is to be found in the harmony and interaction between the pleasantly well-rounded body and the slight acidity. This creates a silky smooth taste experience with a long, elegant finish.



The verdant mountain landscape high above the sea provides the perfect climate for the beans on coffee plants to ripen slowly.

It allows the beans all the time they need to develop the full-bodied, rich and aromatic taste that distinguishes EVERGOOD Classic – a discerningly selected mix of Arabica beans where we draw a sweetish acidity from Kenyan beans, while beans from Colombia add a silky smooth balance, body and a long, elegant finish.

It is important to emphasize that we want EVERGOOD to be a taste that is easily recognizable from one time to the next. So when we select the coffee beans for EVERGOOD, we focus strongly on where and how they are grown. Climatic conditions and the nature of the soil define the quality and taste. Plantations located at altitudes of 1,200–2,000 meters above sea level are in particular demand as coffee cultivated at this altitude ripens more slowly than coffee from the lowlands, and has plenty of time to develop a rich spectrum of flavors.

In the EVERGOOD blend, fine, high-altitude coffee beans from countries including Colombia and Kenya are particularly well represented, with both leaving their distinctive mark on the taste. These tasty coffee beans, perfectly mixed and masterfully roasted, are the secret behind EVERGOOD’s taste and popularity.

The taste can be described as follows: “EVERGOOD is an extremely aromatic coffee with a mild bouquet, a hint of acidity, exclusive body and a finely balanced, elegant finish.”

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EVERGOOD Dark Roast features a deep, strong aroma that harmonizes neatly with mild acidity and an elegant, fulsome finish. A taste experience created to be enjoyed.

EVERGOOD Dark Roast has been roasted a little more deeply than EVERGOOD Classic, and this translates into a stronger aroma and taste, with a continental touch.

Great taste and great quality are non-negotiable requirements when it comes to EVERGOOD. In EVERGOOD Dark Roast, we use high-altitude Arabica beans grown at an elevation of 1,200–2,000 meters, where the climate and soil conditions are at their finest. Coffee cultivated at this altitude ripens slowly, developing a strong, complex flavor spectrum that lays the perfect foundations for delicious taste and aroma. To produce a darker, stronger and more continental character in the taste, the roasting time for these beans is slightly longer than for those used in EVERGOOD Classic. This is what gives EVERGOOD Dark Roast such a distinctive flavor.

The taste can be described as follows: “EVERGOOD Dark Roast features a strong aroma and taste, with a dash of continental flair. Full-bodied and with an elegant finish, EVERGOOD Dark Roast delivers a truly extraordinary taste experience.”

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